Masoret Yehudit | Technology Learning
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Technology Learning


Water Early Learning is used to Masoret Yehudit, through a unique grant by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education.

Waterford Early Learning is a technology based program, which is designed to help all children build the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

With classrooms becoming more diverse every year, Waterford Early Learning individualizes three years of complete Reading, Math, and Science to meet each child’s unique learning needs.


SuccessMaker® provides a digitally driven reading and math learning experience that is singularly focused on the needs of each individual student for instruction that is truly and automatically differentiated with:

  • Reading content that integrates social studies, science and interdisciplinary themes.
  • Mathematics content that combines instruction in fundamental skills with development of higher-order thinking strategies.
  • A completely customized learning path built around the program’s ongoing, real-time analysis of each learner’s actual performance.
  • On-demand intervention including scaffolded feedback, step-by-step tutorials and prerequisite instruction triggered when a learner encounters challenges.
  • Powerful data management to monitor student progress, customize lessons and forecast achievement.

SuccessMaker Reading – Course Overview

SuccessMaker Reading is an interactive, standards-based course designed to provide supplemental instruction and practice in essential reading for grades K through 8.

The student experience begins with Initial Placement which identifies the appropriate starting point for instruction and then moves the student seamlessly into the courseware.

Reading lessons will take learners through focused instruction and guided practice before moving into more independent activities. Learners work at their own pace, receiving additional support when threshold scores are not met and reviewing previous material to ensure retention and maintain proficiency.

SuccessMaker Mathematics – Course Overview

SuccessMaker Mathematics is an interactive, standards-based course designed to develop and maintain fundamental concepts taught in mathematics in grades K through 8.

The student experience begins with Initial Placement which identifies the appropriate starting point for instruction and then moves the student seamlessly into the courseware.

As learners navigate the content, the experience is highly visual and engaging. Learners work at their own pace aided by full audio support and online manipulatives. The course includes real-world contexts for problem solving and guided interactive practice and assessment to reflect the best practice recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics while aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Waterford Early Learning™

Waterford Early Learning™ is the combination of two powerful programs developed by the nonprofit Waterford Research Institute: Waterford Early Reading Program™ and Waterford Early Math and Science™. This is a short video about Waterford.

Research-based Instruction

Based on nearly two decades of research, these programs provide a complete continuum of instruction tailored to each student’s individual learning needs.

Child Friendly

Waterford is designed specifically for the early grades, pre-k through second grade, with easy navigation, scaffolded instruction, audio, and multimedia prompts to ensure success.

Made by Teachers for Teachers

As educators themselves, the developers of Waterford Early Learning recognize that teachers are already overburdened. With this in mind, the developers ensured that the program requires only three minutes to get started each day. Easy-to-read reports are also available on demand.

And Much More

Unlike any other program, Waterford provides a rich multimedia environment with songs, stories, biographies, artwork and games from around the world. Waterford provides more than 450 hours of instruction through 15,000 activities within 2,500 lessons.