Masoret Yehudit | Secular Studies
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Secular Studies


Masoret Yehudit’s General Studies academic curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Sunshine State standards. This means that we generally adhere to the core of instruction in the four main subject areas: English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking); Mathematics; Social Studies and Science. In addition we provide learning through technology.

Masoret Yehudit focuses on students as active learners, responsible and knowledgeable about their own learning. Each curriculum area is highlighted below:

ELA (English Language Arts)

Four main strands are woven into these ELA standards:

  1. Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.
  2. Students will read, write, listen and speak for literary response and expression.
  3. Students will read, write, listen and speak for critical analysis and evaluation.
  4. Students will read, write, listen and speak for social interaction.


Every teacher of mathematics, no matter what grade level, has the individual goal to provide students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to function in a world very dependent upon the application of mathematics. Think about how we all apply math daily, from the kitchen to the office, from the supermarket to the car showroom. Instructionally, this goal translates into three components: Conceptual understanding, Procedural fluency and Problem solving.

The content strands of instruction are:

1. Number sense and operations, e.g. make reasonable estimates.
2. Algebra, e.g. recognize, use and represent algebraic patterns, relations and functions.
3. Geometry, e.g. use visualization and spatial reasoning to analyze characteristics and properties of geometric shapes.
4. Measurement, e.g. determine what can be measured and how.

Social Studies

This spiraling curriculum begins in kindergarten with “Self and Others,” and continues through the grades: History & Geography- geographic knowledge includes a spatial sense of the world, an awareness of the physical processes that shape life, a sense of interactions between humans and their environment, an understanding of the relations between place and culture and an awareness of the characteristics of specific regions and cultures.

Our focus is on the following topics:
1. Communities Around the World – Learning About People and Places
2. Local History and Local Government
3. The United States, Canada and Latin America
4. The Eastern Hemisphere, especially Ancient Civilizations
5. American History, including European exploration


Children’s natural curiosity leads them to explore the world. The elementary science program emphasizes a hands-on and minds-on approach to learning.

Utilizing inquiry and processing skills such as classifying, inferring, comparing and contrasting, observing, measuring, predicting, etc., students will investigate the main areas of Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science.

A science specialist is an integral part of Masoret Yehudit’s science approach in almost every grade, and laboratory lessons, involving video streaming and live experiment to make science come alive!

Technology Learning

Succesmaker is a digitally driven K-8 reading and math learning experience singularly focused on the needs of the individual learner. Succesmaker has impacted the lives of students in tens of thousands of schools and districts over the last 40 years. It is designed to evaluate, support, and challenge learners in the way that’s right for them based on actual performance. This deep differentiation allows us to serve students of all levels in an environment that empowers each of them to be successful. Succesmaker is a complete K-8 curriculum solution offering content to support core reading and math instruction.

The four main curricular areas are complemented by co-curricular subjects such as music, art, physical education, martial arts, computer instruction, library, etc. As one can see from the above, the General Studies curriculum of Masoret Yehudit is rich and replete with opportunities for our students to flourish!