The Jewish Academy | Lunch
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Lunch orders can be made directly through our online provider. All Lunch orders will be made online via credit card.

You have 2 options: order for Fridays only, or order for the full month. The price will be: $4.25 /child/ lunch

To Register:

  • Step 1: Click My Student. Then click Add a Student. Then select the School: Masoret Yehudit. Then type your child’s name in the box. Add each of your children and their class.
  • Step 2: Check out the Menu.  Click Menu.  On the top right click  Lunch Menu.  Scroll down and click Lunch Menu.
  • Step 3: Order and choose your options. Click Menu. Check Box next to your Child’s Name. In the center click the fork and knife Click to Select.  Choose your option of Friday only, or the entire Month. Then press Add Cart.  Then Click Proceed to Checkout. Then input your credit card information.


For Support:  1-866- 529-2064